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Sulden am Ortler (Solda)

Our home base, the beautiful mountain village of Sulden am Ortler (or Solda in Italian), is located close to the well known Passo dello Stelvio. In winter a magical ski resort, in summer a gorgeous hiking place.
While running the marathon, or even the shorter distances, you might have an encounter with a yak. World famous mountaineer Reinhold Messner introduced these animals to the region some time ago.
You can visit one of the Messner MountainMuseums in the center of Sulden


The region

In need for a perfect summer holiday?
The nearby Lago di Garda is a stunning holiday region and is only 3 hours by car. Drive on to the romantic village of Verona with its medieval castles and have a romantic moment at Romeo and Julia’s balcony.
From Verona you can drive on to Venice or Trieste or to Croatia. Or is shopping in Milan on  your wish list?
All ingredients for a sunny and sporty vacation are on hand!


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