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Ortler Mountain Challenge for ALS

The Ortler Mountain Challenge for ALS is a sportive event, organised by a Heart for ALS, a Belgium based non-profit fundraising association. A Heart for ALS is also founder of the Heart for ALS Fund, part of the Leuven University Fund and supports top-level ALS research conducted by Prof. Dr. Wim Robberecht, world authority in ALS research. With this/these sportive challenge(s) the association has a double goal: raising ALS awareness and raising money to accelerate ALS research.

“By organising a sportive event we want to emphasize the difference in physical condition between a healthy sportsman and a patient suffering from ALS. We challenge you, not only to take part, but also to help us raising awareness and ideally, start your personal fundraising campaign.” (Alain Verspecht)

Please note that the challenges offered are not races or competitions, you only compete with yourself.

The location

The location of the OMC is Sulden am Ortler, South-Tyrol, Italy. The Ortler region not only offers some of the highest mountains in the Alps, but is also a magnificent holiday location during the summer months.

How it all started?

“I have been organising multiple trips for active en adventurous people to this region for years. Last year, I started dreaming of organising an international sportive charity event with  Sulden am Ortler (Solda) as a base. With great joy I sensed a lot of enthusiasm when presenting my ideas to the local community. Not only the mayor, but also the local hotel owners, press, mountain rescue, … offered their collaboration. Finding the right charity wasn’t too much of a job. Some months ago I was introduced to a Heart for ALS and I felt an immediate connection. Furthermore, the association works in a very transparant way and is directly linked to the ALS Research Lab in Leuven.” (Benny De Baets)


The Ortler Mountain Challenge for ALS will take place every second weekend of July.


The concept is straight forward: we offer you 7 challenges (3 bike climbs and 4 trail distances) and you can compose your program ‘à la carte’, which means that you can pick 1, 2 or 3 challenges according to your personal physical condition and interest.


Thanks to the local hotel owners, we can offer you quality accomodation at unbeatable prices! Furthermore, every hotel owner donates 20% of the revenue to the Heart for ALS Fund

Alain Verspecht

Benny De Baets

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