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About A heart for ALS ®

A heart for ALS ® is an independent non-profit organization with a clear focus: fundraising for the scientific research into ALS.

Katrien Asselbergh (Secretary): “The decision to start our own fund raising was one straight from the heart, hence the name A heart for ALS®. At the same time, we also wanted to do it in a different way than the average fundraising organizations: A heart for ALS ® had to excel in transparency! That is precisely why we proceeded to the creation of a Fund at the University of Leuven in 2013. We therefore ask to each donor to make a gift in the Fund DIRECTLY, without any intervention of our organization , straight forward, directly to the research team of Prof. Dr. Wim Robberecht, world authority in the field of ALS research.”

The Heart for ALS Fund®, part of the Leuven University Foundation

Prof. Dr. Wim robberecht: “The laboratory Neurobiology of the KU Leuven defines, with the co-financing of A heart for ALS ®, 3 research lines. The past year we invested a lot in intense preparatory work in the project around nanobodies. Nanobodies are small pieces of the immune bodies that are created, in natural conditions, by camelids and sharks. In the laboratory we generated a nanobody against a protein that can cause ALS (with certain hereditary defects). A series of preparatory experiments were very encouraging, which allows us to actually start the project.“

To support this project and future promising projects there is need for money, lots of money. Therefore, we dare to ask also your support

“Science is expensive. Only the absence of science is even more expensive. Thanks to the financing by our governments, researchers of the Catholic University of Leuven can do a lot, but still just not enough. That real cutting edge, research beyond boundaries, is only possible with your support.“
Rik Torfs (Rector Catholic University of Leuven)

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