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Dear participant,

It's great to have you on board this year to give ALS a firm boost.

We hope you will experience a fantastic three-day event in this wonderful environment. 
This booklet has been compiled to inform you. You will find the program, the routes and (hopefully) all necessary information.
If you still have a problem, you can contact the following numbers +32 477 266969 or +32 497 386451 (also WhatsApp)

Unexpected changes to the program are always possible. 
Weather conditions or others may require us to review certain activities. 
If the weather is so bad that we can not meet all safety requirements, we are obliged to cancel the event in whole or in part.
We rely on the judgment and advice of the Bergrettungsdienst, Sulden.

You will be informed of any changes on the information boards at the reception of the participating hotels and at the Sporthalle. 
If possible, keep an eye on the Facebook page of Ortler Mountain Challenge for last minute updates.


We start all Challenges at the Sporthalle in Sulden am Ortler. That is the building with the green roof, at the ground station of the Kanzellift. There is sufficient parking space here.
Here you will find our headquarter during the three-day event. All cyclists / runners are expected to sign up before departure.
Cyclists report at the back of the building on the paved road, runners at the front.

You will find information and you can also register on the spot. There will also be a small version of our webshop. (beer, T-shirts etc.)

In general

We cycle and walk in a protected nature area: respect this environment!

Dispose of your waste only in the designated trays or hand it over to the volunteers in the supply areas.
Do not throw cans or plastic bottles on the road. Besides dirty, this is also dangerous for the followers.
Wild peeing is forbidden
The organization has an environment friendly policy and will  restrict waste. We therefore provide as little plastic as possible and offer eco-friendly cups. 
We are all guests in a beautiful area, and want to keep it that way for both the locals and ourselves.

Photos and videos are taken during the challenges. These photos can be used by the organization on social media, promotional material and in the press. If you do not agree with this policy, notify the organizers.

Starter package
Each participant receives a goodie bag with his starting number (bicycle plate or chest number). This is largely filled by our sponsors. 
Upon arrival, everyone also awaits a surprise.

All routes, both for cyclists and runners, can be downloaded for GPS from the site www.ortlermountainchallenge.com/en

Participants can use a great cheer along the way. Feel free to bring flags and shout as loud as you can. However, be fair and do not put any sticks in the wheels. Encourage also the other sports enthusiasts. They deserve it too.


Wednesday, juli 11,2018

16.30  –  yoga with Sabine Beselin in Hotel Cristallo – or outside /depending on the weather ( 10€)

18:00  –  Info session for tomorrow’s ride in Hotel Cristallo with Philipp Reinstadter, leader of the cycling tours. A drink is offered.


Thursday, July 12,  2018

Sporthalle is open at 7:45 for on site registration.

8:15  – Departure for Stelvio Cycling Challenge at the Sporthalle. You can eventually  join the others for the official departure in Prad ( by car)

Rendez-vous on the Stelvio Pass in Restaurant Tibet 
14:00 – departure from the top .

16.30  –  yoga with Sabine Beselin in Hotel Cristallo – or outside /depending on the weather ( 10€)

18:00 – Info session for tomorrow’s ride in Hotel Cristallo with Philipp Reinstadter, leader of the cycling tours


Friday, July 13, 2018

Sporthalle is open at 7:45 for on site registration.

8:00 – Departure for  Umbrail & Ofen Challenge

 You can eventually  join the others for the official departure in Laatsch ( by car)

9:00 – Departure Umbrail & Ofenchallenge in Laatsch

10:00 – Departure Reschensee Challenge 

17:00 – Barefoot Running Clinic – Meeting point Sporthalle –with Bram Vogels

18:00 – Infosession on tomorrows’s trailruns with Bram Vogels. 


Saturday, July 14, 2018

Sporthalle is open at 7:30 for on site registration.

8:00  – Start Ortler Marathon T42

9:00 – Start Ortler Gran Ronda T32

10.30 – Start Ortler Ronda Classic T22

10.30 – Start Ortler Panoramica T12     (10.45 – bergbahn ground station – 11.15 – start at Schaubach )


18:00 – Closing drink- place to be communicated


Bike climbing

For safety, we ask cyclists to always follow the imposed traffic regulations, and not take unnecessary risks, especially when descending the hills.
On the road to the top of the Stelvio traffict can be dense. Respect cars, buses and motorbikes and keep your own half of the road, especially in the corners. Buses have a hard time on the climb and sometimes block the road in a bend.
Show understanding for the driver!
In the unlikely event that you do not fancy the Stelvio descent anymore, please inform the organization. They will find a place for you in the trailer cars. 

Cycling helmet is mandatory! Even if the sun makes the sweat sweep over your cheeks, we ask you to leave that helmet on. If you ignore this rule, the organization will remove you from the challenge.

Also adapt your clothing to the weather, and remember that it can be 1 degree colder per 100 m height difference!

The trailer has an extensive first aid kit. If necessary, call 0032 477266969. Obviously, the international emergency number 112 is called in case of serious accidents.

The trailer will also carry a basic repair kit for the bikes. It is everyone’s responsibility to appear at the start with a technically safe bike. In most hotels you can also tinker with your bike, and some hotels have an extensive workshop.

The bicycle plate must be attached to the front of the bicycle to make you recognizable for the volunteers in the supply area.


Trail Running  – with Bram Vogels

The T42 and T32 are self-sufficient tours. This means that these runners are not allowed to use other than the offered 5 supply items if they want to qualify for the UTMB points.

For the supporters:
Kanzel, Schaubach 1 & 2 and Langenstein are easy to reach. They are all at the end of a gondola or chair lift and you can also sit on a terrace and watch the runners arrive.

Estimated times for all distances for fast runners:






Supply area behind Paradies






Supply area Bergbahn Ground Station



Schaubach 1






Supply area Schaubach 2






Supply Area Langenstein










The chest numbers must be worn visibly . They also contain a time-recording chip . Safety pins are available upon departure.
Time is recorded by Wedosport Italia by means of a manual reading of the chip. The bib numbers are disposable.

Hotel Cristallo    +39 0473 613234

Hotel Paradies    +39 0473 613043

Hotel Cevedale   +39 0473 613013

Hotel Gampen    +39 0473 613023

Hotel Julius Payer   +39 0473 613030

Hotel Lärchenhof  +39 0473 613532

Hotel Alpina   +39 0473 613104

Hotel Montana  : +39 0473 613006


Benny  +32 497 266969  

Martine   +32 497 386451

Bram    +31 640 58 94 24

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